Low Back Pain Treatment in New York

Without a doctor’s examination, it is impossible to independently determine how to treat lower back pain. The only thing a person can help himself with is to take analgesic measures: analgesics in the form of medicine or ointments, dry heat, or a state of rest. But even if the pain is gone, it is still worth looking for the causes of its occurrence.

Medical Methods

If the back hurts, analgesics are prescribed, as a rule, to relieve the inflammatory process, and reduce temperature and pain relief: paracetamol, Analgin. These drugs are used in tablets and injections, as well as in the form of ointments and gels applied to painful areas of the back. Very severe back pain can sometimes be relieved only by narcotic analgesics, independent use without a doctor’s prescription is not recommended. In addition to painkillers, and muscle relaxants, drugs for relaxing muscles, provide significant help in low back pain treatment.