Find Out If Solar Panels Harm Your Roof


More and more homeowners are interested in the benefits that solar panels offer. Solar panels can reduce energy bills, as well as help the environment. However, the panels do attach to the roof, and this leads to some homeowners worrying about the panels causing damage to their home. This isn’t a major issue when a professional installs solar panels like Solar Panels Perth, and with that said, feel free to read on to learn more about solar panels.

1. How Are They Installed- Many solar panels that are sold solar panels on roofto homeowners are available in large modules, and the units are about the size of a bed, and they product around 200-300 watts of power, but that is if the conditions are ideal. The modules are not that heavy, but they do have a large surface, and they are clamped down on mounting rails. The rails attach to your roof, which means the panels don’t actually attach to your roof. The way panels are installed ensure that they can withstand violent storms, as well as being easy to replace, when need be.

2. Keeping The Home’s Roof Waterproof- Many homeowners worry about their roof leaking when they have solar panels installed, and even though installers do drill holes through the roof, the intrusion is very minimal. Your rafters need to be found, and this is why pilot holes are drilled, and silicon caulk is used to fill any holes right away. When the hole has been located, a metal flashing is placed right into the shingles, and then the feet are bolted to the rafters via the flashing. Also, in order to make sure the installation is watertight, multiple washers are used, and sealant is used throughout the process of installing the solar panels, so you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about leaks due to the installation of solar panels.

3. Removing The Panels Safely- There may come a point in time when you decide that you need to remove your solar system, and this can be due to reasons such as you plan on moving or you are in a leasing arrangement with the company that supplied you with the panels. When the time comes to remove the panels, then it needs to be done with great care. The process of removing the panels involve extracting the hardware, filling the holes with silicon caulk, and sometimes the flashing that installed beneath the rail feet won’t be touched.Some companies may install brand new shingles to replace the shingles that were damaged when the panels were being installed.

Your roof is safe when you hire experienced solar panel installers. There are some reasons why you might not want to have solar panels installed. However, one of those reasons should not be due to fear of your roof being damaged as a result of the solar panel installation process.

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