Low Back Pain Treatment Options

With age, gradually there is discomfort in different departments and systems. After the age of 25, patients often experience lower back pain of varying intensity. In this article, we will look at the main ways to deal with lower back problems.

Manual Therapy

The impact on the joints and bones is carried out exclusively with the help of the hands of a manual therapist:

  • At the initial stage, the traction method is used, due to which the pain syndrome is removed. Further, all the efforts of the doctor are directed to the restoration of the cartilaginous structure.
  • All manual techniques are performed carefully, in a gentle mode.
  • As soon as the patient feels severe discomfort, he informs the specialist about it. The doctor stops all manipulations until the physical state of health normalizes. Subsequently, the correction continues until the elimination of the expressed causes of the disease.


This technique is a whole philosophy, which is based on the desire for freedom of any movement. The osteopathic doctor affects the skeletal system and the surrounding soft tissues. Muscle cramps can cause pain and limit joint mobility.

As soon as the specialist manages to achieve complete relaxation, half the path to recovery is done. The technique does not cause pain and does not contribute to the strengthening of the syndrome. The patient’s condition noticeably improves after the first session.

Kinesiology Taping

The method of treating low back pain is popular among athletes and people who constantly experience significant physical exertion. In the place where the destructive process is localized, a special elastic tape is applied.

At the diagnostic stage, the specialist determines the cause of the problem, as well as the exact location of its deployment. Light muscle support contributes to the formation of the correct muscle corset. Tape forces to straighten the back when walking, preventing the formation of the stoop. Optimal joint support prevents an acute disease from developing into a chronic one.

Tense muscles are completely relaxed while remaining in good shape for active movements without pain. Improving blood microcirculation in soft tissues allows cartilage tissue to receive adequate nutrition.

Shock Wave Therapy

This is a modern method of treating spinal osteochondrosis, traumatization of the lumbosacral region and other pathologies. The action of acoustic waves is produced by a non-invasive method without violating the integrity of the skin. This is an additional security measure to prevent infection.

The list of diagnostic screening procedures for each patient may differ. It all depends on the specific clinical picture. Depending on the cause of the pathology, various methods of treatment are used.